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Escape Scene

An immersive entertainment experience, full of puzzles, secrets and mystery.

Imagine immersing yourself in a video game and adventure movie all in one! With the opening of Escape Scene, you don’t have to imagine anymore. Escape Scene is a reality based escape game for individuals, families, friends and colleagues. The premise of the adventure is that a team is escorted to a themed room with only 60 minutes to complete the mission. Teams must work together in search of hidden objects, clues, codes, riddles and puzzles to solve an assortment of challenges that reveal keys or combinations to various locks throughout the room. A “Game Master” monitors the entire game and may offer a clue if a team is really having difficulty.

Escape Scene is the perfect activity for Date Nights, Proposals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Team Building Events and anyone else looking for something fun to do.

Who should play Escape Scene’s games? If you are interested in solving puzzles, playing a live action video game or just like an adrenaline-pumping adventure then our escape games are for you! Physical strength is never required but our puzzle rooms do demand critical thinking, teamwork, logic and performance under pressure. Sorry, our puzzles are not recommended for children under 11; anyone 16 or under must be accompanied by a paying & playing adult (18+).

How to play an Escape Scene room: All players must complete a waiver before the experience begins. After a safety briefing and story line introduction you will be escorted to a puzzle room with your teammates. You must search out clues, crack codes and complete puzzles in order to solve your way out of the room. You only have ONE hour so get started, it goes faster than you think!

Strengthen your team with Escape Scene! Corporations and management teams can use our escape games as team-building exercises. Whether you want to observe your employees or participate as part of the team, we can customize an experience to meet your needs. We offer fully catered packages including the use of our private meeting room. We can accommodate 8-16 (in two rooms) players and can provide anything from light refreshments to full meals from your choice of caterers.

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