Pippa’s Cafe

Pippa’s Cafe

Pippa’s, a legend in its own time and still making history! Pippa’s was first established in 1985 in Danbury, Connecticut. The idea behind Pippa’s was different than those of your average establishments that come and go. What made Pippa’s different than any other place was the spirit and heart that was built into it.

The idea was simple yet full of passion; Pippa’s was to be a place not only to come after the game but a place to unite. It was for friends, for families, for teams, for kids, for adults, for the schools and the community. It was where we grew up. It’s where we watched are favorite team’s, our generation and then our kids generations succeed, and triumph through wins and losses of the game and also those of life. It is through this concept that Pippa’s was born, grew and expanded, and has thrived to this very day!

What makes Pippa’s so successful as a Restaurant is that same passion goes into the quality and care of the food and its patrons. The rules were easy, be proud of what you do, put care into what you make, and we will succeed! We thrive on our fresh products, quality ingredients, and the love of what we do to bring this second generation to you here in Concord, North Carolina.

Since living here over the last two years, we see in this Community, what we saw back home so many years ago! And so we have the new heart to start it over again and we hope to give to you what we hold so close in our hearts, a home away from home!

Pippa’s Cafe

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10040 Edison Square Dr

Concord, NC 28027

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