Nonna’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant

Nonna’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant

Family, friendship, tradition and authenticity. These are the words that perfectly describe Tony Musso, as well as the feelings you have while dining at any one of his restaurants in Miami. Born in Sicily, Tony was raised in Italy surrounded by his amazing family – especially his mother and grandmother who ran a local bakery. This is where Tony and his wife, Mina’s journey to becoming restaurant owners. He and beautiful wife Mina “NONNA” would spend hours at their families restaurant’s. At times even falling asleep on the large flour bags in the early morning hours while his wife began baking before the store opened. Under the watchful eye of his mother-in-law this was the place where their love of cooking and passion for pizza began.

Over the years Tony and Mina have mastered the perfect dough, which is the foundation for truly authentic Napoli style pizza. Armed with a passion for food and his knowledge of cooking Tony moved to New York City in 1960 with a dream of opening a truly authentic Neapolitan style restaurant. The dream was realized in 1973 when Tony & Mina opened Flora Pizza Drive In in the heart of the Miami, FL. Flora created their amazing hand crafted Napoli style pizza and baked them to perfection. Neapolitan style restaurant was a success. After several restaurants now in the chain, Tony’s Daughter, married Francesco Ventura, who was from her mothers hometown of Bari, Italy. The dream was realized again in 1999, when Chef Frank opened Gourmet Pizza with Tony, then opened Francesco of Boca, with many more that were spanned thruout Florida. They decided to relocate and moved to Concord,NC for their lastest restaurant venture. Chef Frank along with “Nonna” make their signature dishes. Served with lots of love from “NONNA’S” kitchen.

Nonna’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant

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